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Feature: Womb Bae

Updated: Jul 2

Images: Courtesy of WombBae

y name is Latoya. I am a 35 years old British Ghanian and am also a London resident. I am the founder of WombBae, an enterprise dedicated to all women and open to men, as a safe space to discuss, educate and spread awareness around the challenges of women’s reproductive health.

WombBae started off the back of my own personal journey. My journey consisted of the defiance of fibroids. Having undergone a fibroid op over 4 years ago, Latoya's story has helped to destigmatize the sensitive topic of fibroid and encourage 100's of women to seek help and support to help them on their journey to motherhood and womb health. At the time I had nothing but medical pages and doctor appointments to educate myself. It was a tough time. There was no source with a personal touch. Someone who had experienced what I am going through to tell me the personal, mental, and behavioural side effects there was to be besides the physical effects. Hence WombBae was born.

I wanted to create a platform, a haven even… where we can engage and connect with women who also have experienced fibroids. Although this was the initial plan my findings and intrigue guided me to learn more around related conditions. I discovered various circumstances like Endometriosis, PCOS, Adenomyosis, Ovarian Cysts, Ovarian Cancer, Infertility and many more. My intrigue, fascination, interest, and knowledge all grew in my research. Eventually I want to share my knowledge but most importantly I wanted to express myself. The journey can very be lonely and I knew my story would encourage other folk and let them know, they are not alone. For years I felt alone in this battle, only to realise that there were other women going through the same pain and suffering.

My new aim is to help promote a change and positively impact the lives of more women around the world. I share tips on how to manage and live with such conditions and my overall message is… these conditions are not the end of the world.

You are also entitled to a full, fun, and loving life. I feel so passionate about the people I support. I aim to change peoples' lives for the better by ensuring they always feel supported, and have their views, wishes and feelings heard.

WombBae is a women's health platform that focuses on providing informational support on important topics such as Fibroids, Endometriosis, PCOS, PMS and much more. With the goal being to help women understand their womb and unlock better diet and fitness potentials. We have successfully hosted numerous events both online and offline and in the UK and Ghana. We have been supported by Adidas, Refinery29 and Medical News Today. We have also worked with the Princes Trust and TOTM, an organic pad company, as well as appearing on numerous panels talks with Black girl tech summit to name a few.


Images: Courtesy of WombBae

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